About SSP

SUSTech has proactively cultivated a robust global network, fostering extensive collaboration with universities and institutions worldwide to offer international students a broad spectrum of enriching educational opportunities. Through diverse programs like semester-long visits/exchanges, short-term research initiatives, innovation and entrepreneurship endeavors, language and cultural immersion experiences, as well as globally pertinent courses and socio-cultural extracurricular activities unique to Shenzhen and its environs, the SSP actively encourages students to embrace cross-disciplinary learning while nurturing their appreciation of Chinese culture and values.

Time: July 2024 (time may vary for each specific program)

Location: SUSTech campus, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area (specific program may involve other countries or regions)

Size: about 20-50 people for a single program

Duration: about 2 weeks on average, specific programs may be longer or shorter

Fee: please refer to the specific program

Kindly provide your contact information in the 1-minute questionnaire below, and we'll promptly assist you with the registration process.

Program List

Language and Cultural Experiences

1. International High School Students in SUSTech, Shenzhen

- Immersion in the innovative atmosphere of Shenzhen's technological creation

- Exploration of Shenzhen city to experience its traditional Lingnan culture

- Opportunity to attend classes and engage with SUSTech students

- Limited to 20 participants, ensuring personalized attention and interaction

Program Contact Person: Mr. Wang,

Contact Person@SUSTech Global: Ms. Lai,

2. Chinese Traditional Sports Culture Experience Summer Camp

- Experience traditional Chinese martial arts and get a glimpse of the values behind Wushu

- Visits to primary and secondary schools, sports associations, and memorial halls in Shenzhen

- Opportunities for deepening understanding through cultural exchanges and practical experiences

Program Contact Person: Mr. Zhu,

Contact Person@SUSTech Global: Ms. Shou,

3. TikTok Tour for International Students

- 20 college students TikTok influncers to come and experience Shenzhen 

- 7 days in Chinese mainland + 2-3 days in Hong Kong

- Experience the traditional Chinese culture and the unique culture of Shenzhen as Pilot Demonstration Area of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

Program Contact Person: Ms. Li,

Contact Person@SUSTech Global: Ms. Li,

4. Chinese Language and Culture program

- Immersive Chinese Language Learning

- Experiencing and understanding traditional Chinese culture firsthand

- Opportunities to participate in cultural activities that showcase the richness of Chinese heritage

- Immersion in the vibrant city of Shenzhen to experience its unique charm

Program Contact Person: Ms. Li,

Contact Person@SUSTech Global: Mr. Du,

Science, Technology and Innovation 

5. Zurich-Shenzhen Quantitative Financial Risk Summer School

Aims to provide students and professionals with a background in STEM who are interested in quantitative finance and risk management with a rapid understanding of the relevant fields. Through carefully crafted two-week courses by academic experts, industry professionals, and visits to renowned companies, participants will learn about the latest technological models and industry trends in both international and domestic quantitative finance and risk management sectors.


- Explore cutting-edge trends in the quantitative finance and risk industry of China in Shenzhen

- Study advanced global quantitative finance and risk technologies in Switzerland, with visits to international wealth management hubs

- Top-notch faculty led by academicians

- Support from the top Financial Engineering Master's program in Europe, ranked 1st in Europe and top 5 globally

- Involvement of industry giants such as Swiss banks, Credit Suisse, Guotai Junan Securities, and billion-dollar quantitative hedge funds

Program Contact Person: Ms. Xie,

Contact Person@SUSTech Global: Ms. Yang,

6. Life with AI Summer Camp


Life with AI

Introduction and Highlights

The Summer Camp is co-organized by the Shenzhen Financial Stability and Development Institute and the Institute of Risk Analysis, Prediction & Management (Risks-X) at Southern University of Science and Technology. Campers will learn about the theories and practices of Al, participate in the leading experiments and projects and receive personalized advice for their future learning and career development.


Shenzhen, China


The summer camp designs modules for comprehensive teaching, combining "macro dialog + docking international masters online + knowledge theory taught by big names + field research of listed companies + famous enterprise park visits + learning planning guidance + group project practice".

Degree Requirements

High school students (high school graduates are preferred), and freshman and sophomore students


The summer camp designs modules for comprehensive teaching, combining "macro dialog + docking international masters online + knowledge theory taught by big names + field research of listed companies + famous enterprise park visits + learning planning guidance +group project practice". Students can discuss specific problem and learn to collaborate on a certain task.


20-30 students


2024 Summer


8 days

Event in 2023

Program Contact Person: Ms. Xie,

Contact Person@SUSTech Global: Ms. Yang,

7. New Engineering Education Summer School and Da Vinci Challenge Camp

This program not only offers a diverse curriculum but also focuses on practical learning experiences, collaborative projects, and skill development, aiming to equip participants with a holistic skill set and mindset required for modern engineering challenges and innovation in a global context.

Curriculum Overview: Covers various aspects including design thinking, product design, 3D printing, embedded systems, and product development management.

Course Content: Integrates design principles, engineering modules, rapid prototyping, and systems engineering.

Teaching Methodology: Blend of theoretical lectures, practical exercises, personalized guidance from professors and engineers, and interactive sharing sessions.

Learning Outcomes:

· Comprehensive understanding of project development and production processes.

· Enhancement of scientific knowledge, teamwork, and communication skills.

· Cultivation of systematic and innovative thinking, curiosity for learning, and entrepreneurial spirit.

· Development of global vision and other essential abilities for lifelong learning and entrepreneurship.

Program Contact Person: Prof. Zhou,

Contact Person@SUSTech Global: Ms. Lai,

8. 2024 Global Summer School Engineering Research and Practice for Undergraduate

- Three program modes: 1-week, 3-week, and 6-week durations

- Provides over 20 hands-on programs

- To engage directly with industry needs and challenges, and learn to deconstruct problems, research best practices, propose solutions, prototype, and plan implementation

- Leverages the comprehensive industrial chain of Shenzhen and its surroundings

- Involves scholars from top universities and industry leaders for mentorship throughout the process

- Incorporates online integration, connecting global expertise and resources

Program Contact Person: Mr. Xu,

Contact Person@SUSTech Global: Ms. Wang,

9. Technology and Future Design Program

- Enrollment limited to 30 participants

- Focuses on cross-cultural competency development and cultivating an international vision

- Engages with real-world societal and industrial topics

- Integrates design frontiers and multiple disciplines

- Teaching methods include studio-based learning, hands-on experiences, industry visits, cultural walks in the city, and interactions with SUSTech students

Program Contact Person: Ms. Tong,

Contact Person@SUSTech Global: Ms. Xu,

10. Biomedical Engineering Summer School

- Enrollment limited to 20 participants

- Laboratory Tour: Visit SUSTech's advanced Biomedical Engineering labs showcasing cutting-edge research.

- Expert Lectures: Senior professors and researchers share insights on flexible electronic materials and their biomedical applications.

- Hands-on Experience: Participation in experiments with flexible electronic materials for practical learning.

- Academic Exchange: Interaction with SUSTech faculty and students to foster academic exchange between Chinese and American youth.

Program Contact Person: Prof. Luo,

Contact Person@SUSTech Global: Mr. Zou,


11. Global Forum on the Future of Youth

- 300 participants from China and across the globe

- Explore various global competency themes, fostering insightful discussions among youth

- Create a space for sharing cross-cultural communication experiences, promoting mutual understanding

- Facilitate the exchange of diverse cultural perspectives among participants, and encourage the expansion of horizons and deeper understanding of global knowledge and cultures

Forum Contact Person: Mr. Du,

How to Apply for SSP


Students must be:

A full-time student registered at a higher education institution outside the Chinese mainland,

At least 18 years of age on the first day of the program (except for Program 1, Program 8 and the Forum), 

Fully proficient in English and be able to engage in an academic settingAt least 18 years of age on the first day of the program(except for Program 1, Program 8 and the Forum). 


Kindly provide your contact information in the 1-minute questionnaire below, and we'll promptly assist you with the registration process.

About SUSTech

Overview - Facts - Faculty - Academics

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is an innovation-oriented public university founded by Shenzhen government in the background of China's higher education reform. It aspires to be a model and pioneer for promoting higher education reform. It is committed to serving the mission of promoting Shenzhen as a modern, international, and innovative city and China as a creative country.

SUSTech is widely regarded as a trailblazer and innovator in advancing China's higher education. SUSTech draws on the experience of world-class science and engineering universities for its disciplinary establishment and governance. It focuses on science, engineering, and medicine in conjunction with distinctive disciplines, including business, humanities, and social sciences. 

In the spirit of "For Truth, Innovation, Reform and Excellence with Diligence and Courage," SUSTech highlights "research, innovation, and entrepreneurship" and dedicates to facilitating innovative projects across China and turning Shenzhen into an innovative, modern, and international metropolis.