Spring Festival Cultural Activities at SUSTech


On February 4, 2024, the College of Engineering, Graduate School, Office of Student Affairs, and SUSTech Global jointly organized "Spring Festival Cultural Activities " to allow international students and faculty at SUSTech to experience the traditional cultural charm of the Lunar New Year. The event attracted more than 50 foreign students and faculty members.


At the Luohu Spring Flower Market, the festive atmosphere allowed participants to experience the charms of traditional Chinese culture. As the saying goes:"Strolling through the flower market, good luck follows". Faculty and students navigated through the market, stopping at various booths to peruse the flowers and plants on offer ahead of the upcoming Year of the Dragon. The flower market also featured an augmented reality (AR) Metaverse Lunar New Year world, combining traditional culture with modern technology, allowing participants to experience a different Chinese New Year in the virtual world.


After visiting the flower market, participants returned to campus and experienced the authentic Chinese tradition of making dumplings. The campus Faculty Club was adorned with traditional Chinese crafts and decorations such as couplets, lanterns, and window flowers, creating a festive atmosphere throughout.


After a dinner of the dumplings they themselves had made, participants set off for the final activity: visiting the lantern festival at Splendid China Folk Village. As the lanterns lit up, various dazzling lights and decorations overwhelmed the senses. The lantern festival featured multiple themed areas that brought to life the beauty of traditional Chinese culture, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the festival while experiencing the grandeur of Eastern mythology.