SUSTech welcomes delegation from Korea University


On December 12, a delegation from Korea University (KU), which included Chuck Yoo, Executive Vice President for Research, and Sang Kee Song, Vice President for International Affairs, visited the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech).

Xueming Yang, Vice President for Research, Li Jin, Vice President for Global Strategies, along with heads of related departments at SUSTech, engaged in discussions with the visiting delegation from KU.


Xueming Yang provided an overview of SUSTech's development. He emphasized the University's commitment to fostering exchanges and collaborations with KU, particularly deepening joint academic programs.

Li Jin agreed that the vision of the two universities would enhance cooperation through various forms of exchange. Both parties acknowledged a mutual commitment to cultivating high-quality collaborations, particularly in areas such as talent introduction and the exchange of faculty and students.

Chuck Yoo praised SUSTech's advanced development experience, specifically highlighting the impressive accomplishments made by the University over the past decade. He acknowledged the high quality of faculty and outstanding research achievements at SUSTech.

He believes that both universities could learn from each other, emphasizing the importance of drawing inspiration from each other across various fields.

Chuck Yoo also underscored the importance of fostering mutual learning and understanding in future collaborations, with the aim of exploring a distinctive cooperation path for Sino-Korean educational models.

During the meeting, Li Jin provided insights into the development stages of SUSTech, educational and research initiatives, as well as SUSTech Global and its strategic goals.

Chuck Yoo shared an overview of KU's current state of affairs, and expressed a willingness to collaborate with SUSTech, notably in the areas of research initiatives and scientific and technological transfer.

Faculty members from the School of Medicine, School of Business, Center for Language Education, Graduate School, and SUSTech Global, along with exchange students from KU at SUSTech, participated in discussions and exchanged viewpoints with the delegation from KU.

By Yang Xu, Zixu Wang

Proofread By Adrian Cremin, Yingying Xia

Photo By Jiahui Su