SUSTech Delegation Attends 2023 THE World Academic Summit


From September 26-27, Professor JIN Li, SUSTech Vice President for Global Strategies and Acting Dean of the Business School, led a delegation to participate in the 2023 Times Higher Education World Academic Summit held at the University of Sydney. Professor JIN engaged in exchanges with global academic leaders in higher education and joined the panel discussion " Case study: How to create a successful international partnership".


Panelists from left to right: Beverley Yamamoto, Anton Muscatelli, Li Jin, Guillaume Fiquet, Katherine Belov

This panel session focused on how institutions can develop strategic relationships with partner institutions of scale and significance to enhance their educational offer in teaching and learning; how international academic partnerships can support and advance the paradigm shift in research and address major global challenges; how can universities ensure maximum mutual benefit that supports their individual long-term strategy.

Professor JIN analyzed the features of SUSTech's internationalization, its experience of building an interdisciplinary international platform, and the opportunities and prospects for cooperation with other countries under China's carbon neutrality Roadmap. JIN stressed the need to seek common ground and opportunities and persist in collaboration among global academia, although the current situation presents certain challenges to international exchanges and cooperation in various fields.

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Case study: How to create a successful international partnership

During the summit, Professor JIN exchanged views with global academics, discussed partnership and project issues, and explored future cooperation opportunities. He met with Rocky Tuan, President and Vice-Chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong; Dong-One Kim, President of Korea University; Sang Kee Song, Vice President of International Affairs of Korea University; Yong Keun Yoo, Vice President for Planning & Budget of Korea University; Mark Scott, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sydney; Katherine Belov, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Global and Research Engagement of the University of Sydney; Anton Muscatelli, Principal, University of Glasgow; Beverley Yamamoto, Executive Vice President of International Affairs of Osaka University; Guillaume Fiquet, Vice President of International Relations and Partnerships of Sorbonne University; Joanna Regulska, Vice Provost and Dean of Global Affairs of University of California, Davis; Michael Lazzara, Associate Vice Provost of Academic Programs and Partnerships for Global Affairs of University of California, Davis among others.

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UC Davis Vice Provost Prof. Joanna Regulska (in the middle)

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Korea University President Prof. Dong-One Kim (in the middle)

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The University of Sydney President Prof. Mark Scott

By: Yang XU