Delegation from University of Birmingham visits SUSTech


On September 15, 2023, Simon Collinson, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Regional Engagement of the University of Birmingham, and his delegation, visited the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech).

Li JIN, Vice President for Global Strategies, and heads of related departments held discussions with the guests.


Vice President Li JIN gave a brief summary of the current development and international vision of SUSTech. He stated that through all-around, multi-level, and wide-range cooperation between SUSTech and the University of Birmingham, cooperation and exchanges could be further enhanced in industrial parks, universities and colleges, scientific and technological innovation centers, governments, and enterprises between Shenzhen and Birmingham.

Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor Simon Collinson highly praised the recent accomplishments of SUSTech. He mentioned that universities and regional development are concurrently dependent on each other. 

Shenzhen, a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, has abundant resources to nurture the growth of regional institutions. In collaboration with SUSTech, the University of Birmingham seeks to promote research initiatives and scientific and technical transformations, attract top talent with global mindsets, and foster social and economic prosperity in the region.


Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor Simon Collinson and his delegation were warmly guided to have a campus tour, visiting the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

By: Xin Xia

Review by: Hao Chen

Photo: Jiahui Su

Proofread By: Adrian Cremin, Yingying Xia