SUSTech Campus Global Service


Dear all,


To better serve the faculty and students, SUSTech Global/Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan Office has launched the liaison mechanism for departments or centers, under which each liaison is responsible for contacting 1 to 2 departments or centers. In this way, we hope to offer foreign affair policies and whole-process services to faculty and students.


Under the mechanism that the first to receive a question is responsible for replying to this question, each liaison will answer questions on the policies related to global exchanges and collaboration and Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan affairs raised by the faculty and students. This liaison mechanism does not affect the existing service functions of SUSTech Global. The first batch of departments and centers announced are those that take the main responsibility for student education, subject to supplement and adjustment as needed.


SUSTech Global is striving to provide the best service to all faculty and students. Your support will be much appreciated. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.



SUSTech Global /Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Office Liaison Service Arrangements for Faculty and Students (First Batch)