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SUSTech International Semester Programs(Non-degree)

Southern University of Science and Technology(SUSTech) has been actively building a global network and deepening cooperation with universities and institutions around the world. With multi-level agreements, SUSTech has established close cooperation relationships with over 100 universities and institutions worldwide, while vigorously promoting student exchanges and cooperation. SUSTech offers a variety of international student programs such as semester visiting/exchange programs, short-term research programs, innovation and entrepreneurship programs, and language and cultural experience programs, providing international exchange students with rich research and curriculum options.

The SUSTech international semester programs(non-degree) have two forms: visiting program and exchange program, both of which are semester-based course-taking programs. The exchange program is tuition-free, and students participating in the program can take SUSTech courses and attend the same classes with SUSTech students. Exchange program is currently only available to SUSTech's overseas partner institutions.


Admission Requirements

- Students registered at SUSTech's overseas partner institutions

- Fluent in Chinese or English

- Agree with SUSTech’s educational philosophy

- Physically and mentally healthy, with the ability to adapt to new environment


Program Duration

Spring Semester 2022: September 1, 2022 -  January 16, 2023


Application Dates

Nomination deadline for partner institutions: April 28, 2022

Application deadline for nominated students to complete the registration of SUSTech International Student Service System: May 13, 2022


Application Process

1. Applicants apply to their home universities

2. Home universities select and nominate students to SUSTech (Download the Nomination Form)

3. Nominated students complete the registration of SUSTech International Student Service System

4. SUSTech will review and decide the admission list


Course Information

All courses at SUSTech are open to students on the admission list, but some courses may have prerequisites. If the number of students taking the course has reached the maximum number, students need to take other courses instead.

Course Information can be found at:

The courses offered each semester may be adjusted, an email will be sent to the contact person at the partner institution once the schedule is finalized.



- Tuition fee: RMB 15,000/semester/person (for visiting programs). Tuition fee is waived for exchange programs.

- Management fee: RMB 1000/person

- Accommodation fee:

RMB 600/month/person (quadruple room)

RMB 800 /month/person (double room)

RMB 1,500/month/person (single room)

Students are responsible for their own living expenses, travel expenses, insurance, and personal expenses.



Students participating in the program must have valid medical and accident insurance that is recognized in mainland China during their study. To those who have no insurance, SUSTech Global can help to purchase an insurance at their own expense.

Details and terms of use can be found at:


Accommodation and Food

SUSTech can provide on-campus dormitories for enrolled students. If on-campus housing is full, SUSTech will inform the home institutions in advance and will assist enrolled students in finding off-campus housing.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, all students are required to stay in on-campus student housing.


SUSTech will provide the international students with a campus card, which can be recharged to allow them to eat in the on-campus cafeteria and use on-campus facilities.


Contact Us

Address: No. 1088 Xueyuan Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Tel: +86 (0755) 8801 0883



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