The Hebrew University of Jerusalem visits SUSTech

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem visits SUSTech

Mar 17, 2019 Latest News

On March 13, Oron Shagrir, Vice President for International Affairs of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI), visited Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). SUSTech Vice President Tang Tao and Vice Provost (Global Strategies) Zheng Chunmiao met with the delegation, along with Dean Xu Zhenghe of the College of Engineering.
Vice President Tang Tao welcomed Vice President Oron Shagrir to SUSTech. He hoped that SUSTech would be able to actively cooperate with HUJI through research and student exchange programs, as well as in other areas of mutual benefit.

Vice President Oron Shagrir said that HUJI was happy to cooperate with SUSTech in a wide range of areas. He was particularly interested in improving faculty exchanges. Vice President Oron Shagrir also welcomed SUSTech’s staff and students to Israel to conduct research and take part in student exchange programs.

During the meeting, both sides discussed various cooperative programs including scholarly visits, short-term and joint training programs.

 Source: Global Engagement Office

Translated and Adapted: Anting Pan

Proofread: Chris Edwards

University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poland

University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poland

Sep 29, 2015 Europe

  University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poland

Summer Course Project

Founded in 1996, University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poland (SWPS) is one of the famous private universities in Poland. The campuses of SWPS are located in 5 different cities, main departments are set in Warsaw, and other departments are located in Posen, Wroclaw, Katowice and Sopot. English is the only teaching language in the university, and there are more than 14000 students; it provides full-time and non-full-time undergraduate courses and graduate courses. At present, there are 80 professors, 54 associate professors and 195 teaching staffs with doctoral degree in SWPS.

University of Social Sciences and Humanities has always devoted itself to providing student with the best quality education and suitable resources to foster their aspiration to knowledge, thus it has been regarded as the best university in the field of humanities and social sciences in Poland.

One of the most important objectives of University of Social Sciences and Humanities is internationalization, so it always conducts various programs to increase the number of overseas students and provides students with various chances of overseas exchange.


1. Study time 13 to 24  August 2018
2. Deadline May 31,2018
3. Teaching location Poland Warsaw
4. Teaching unit University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poland
5. Course Contents Global and European business management
6. Applicable major All majors
7. Applicable grade Higher than freshman
8. Teaching languages English

9. Tuition and fees and living expense

About 890 Euro per person. The charge includes: Tuition and accommodation fees.
Please see appendix for more information.


Attachment: Summer School on Global Management

Georgia Institute of Technology Summer Course Program

Georgia Institute of Technology Summer Course Program

Jan 8, 2016 North America

Georgia Institute of Technology Summer Course Program

Georgia Institute of Technology (Gatech), established in 1885, is a top-tier engineering school of United States. Current numbers of students are about 20,000, with a faculty-student ratio about 1:17 that means more than one thousand professors are currently teaching in Gatech. The campus covers more than 400 acres, with 143 graceful buildings standing in.There are well-equipped modern teaching buildings and sports stadiums specially built for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. There are also hotels, student dormitories, research laboratories, restaurants, student recreation centers, car parks and hospitals. In addition to the main campus in Atlanta, the school in Savannah, Georgia and the French capital of Lorraine region Metz and Shenzhen, China also opened a branch.

Student Application Notifications


July 5- July 28 2018

Deadline for admission

Mar 9 2018

Teaching location

Atlanta U.S

Teaching institution

Georgia Institute of Technology

Applicable majors


Applicable  students

Freshman or above



Tuition and fees

4060USD,including tuition, application fee(non-refundable) food, housing, personal expenses, etc.


Advanced level of English proficiency.

18 years old or above when the program starts

18 hours or above courses per week

F-1 visa needed

Application materials

1.Submit materials in paper to global cooperative department including

1)course register form

2)certification of capital(4060USD or above, if the account is other’s ,a sponsor letter or certification must be submitted).

3)Copy of the information page of passport .(The passport must be

Valid for at least 6 months after the entry.)

2.Pay 3040USD prior to Mar 14(including tuition housing, etc.)


Recommend by SUSTech, determined by Gatech

 Refund policy

Cancel prior to Mar 14, no penalty.

Cancellation due to visa refusal, 100USD I-20 fee must be paid.

Cancel during Mar 15 to Jun 17, 1000USD administrative fee must be paid.

Cancel after Jun 18, 1500 administrative fee must be paid.

For more details, you are encouraged to check the website below.

National University of Singapore School of Computing Summer Workshop

National University of Singapore School of Computing Summer Workshop

Jan 21, 2019 Asia

The National University of Singapore (NUS) is Singapore's premier world-class University known for its research in engineering, science and technology, biomedical sciences and the humanities and social sciences.
National university of Singapore ranking: no. 1 in Asia (2019QS); World no. 11 (2019QS)
The National University of Singapore School of Computing Summer Workshop is a 3-week program for students of all grades. Students can choose research topics according to their interests. Through this program, students can learn advanced computer knowledge and have many practical opportunities to transform their theoretical knowledge into practice.

Know more project information please visit:

Application Guide

Study time (1) July 4, 2019 -- July 26, 2019 (sophomore and above)
(2) July 14, 2019 -- August 5, 2019 (mainly for freshmen)
Deadline Until full , Until March 1, 2019 at the latest
 Teaching location National University of Singapore, Singapore
 Teaching units
  1. Artificial Intelligence and Multimedia Computing OR,
  2. Big Data and Cloud Computing OR,
  3. Internet of Things and Security
Applicable major Computer Science, Software Engineering, Electronic Communication, Information Systems and Management, Internet of Things, and related disciplines (you may enquire with NUS School of Computing)
 Applicable grade All grades
 Teaching language English
 Tuition and fees and living expenses SGD 3780 (Workshop fee, Accommodation, Public Transport, Insurance)

Excluding airfare and other living expenses.

Payment time: within one week after receiving the admission email

 Requirements 1. The average score is above 80 points
2. Cet 4: above 500 or equivalent in other examinations
 Application materials Apply through


  1. Academic Transcript (From Teaching Affairs Office - Chinese Version Acceptable)
  2. English Qualifications (CET4/6, TOEFL, IELTS)
  3. Scanned copy of identity card
  4. Awards/Certificates (if any)
  5. Passport (valid until at least February 2019)
  6. Send International Education Application Form to International Cooperation Department Email: ,

Title "National University of Singapore Course Application Materials – Name, Student Number, Major"

(中文) 英国东英吉利大学暑期课程项目

University of East Anglia International Summer School

2018-02-30 欧洲

University of East Anglia

International Summer School

University of East Anglia (abbreviated as UEA) is an English public research university located in Norwich. The university ranks world top 1% according to the Times Higher Education World Rankings and within the World Top 150. High-quality education and research earns UEA great academic reputation. UEA leads the world in the research on environmental science and media, and has advantages on economics, Law, computer science, management. UEA also has outstanding achievement in the research of development, education, international relation, literature, art history and health science. UEA has world class, including the largest indoor sports centre in Britain and the world-famous Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. The university has beautiful campus, and provides students great studying and living environment with vast areas of forest and artificial lake.

UEA’s International Summer School is a four week program. A wide range of modules offered to students including computer science, medicine, business, law, literature, and psychology etc. (For more information, please refer to the SummerStudy brochure. This program is not only academically rigorous, but also offers many social activities and weekend trip (Timetable) to help students learn more about local lifestyle and British culture.

Application Guide

1.Study Time




3.Teaching Location

Norwich, Britain

4.Teaching Unite

University of East Anglia

5.Applicable Major

All majors

6.Applicable Grade

All grades

7.Teaching Language


8.Tuituion and Fees

£2,095 (Including ground transportation, accommodation, social activities. Supplements apply for some modules.)

Students currently studying at SUSTech are eligible for a £800 discount (Standard application fee is £2,895). Two students can get full International Summer School fees (recommended and elected by SUSTech).


1.Be aged 17 or over

2.GPA3.0 or above

3.IELTS 6.5 (Single not be under 6.0) or TOEFL 88(Single not be under 21)

10.Application Materials

1. Apply Online

Documents needed for application:

a. Academic transcript

b. Proof of English skill level

c. Photocopy of passport (Name, date of birth and photo)

(More application materials are needed for students aged 17.Please see the program website for further information.)

2. Send electronical application materials to International Cooperation Department of SUSTC GEO, email address: Email subject title “Name + Student ID number + UEA summer program application”

Application materials:

a. SUSTech Study Aborad Application Form

11. Examination and Approval Institution Recommended by SUSTech, and assessed and determined by UEA.

For more information, please refer to the following links: